This was written with myself in mind as the primary audience as a reflective exercise, but you may find some nuggets of wisdom scattered throughout. This is different to my posts thus far in that it doesn’t focus on technology, and it is a change of pace that I wanted to challenge myself with.

The story so far

This year marks my tenth anniversary of working in the tech industry, and my fifth of working as a Software Engineer. I entered the industry on an apprenticeship after completing my A-Levels and deciding university wasn’t a feasible option for me at the time. …

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ll have no doubt heard about the wonders of microservices. It’s an approach to building and delivering software that has been adopted by the likes of tech giants such as Netflix and Uber, and now it’s found its way into enterprise software.

Microservice architectures have a lot of benefits, and decoupling your applications into smaller components is generally a great idea. However, for every advertised advantage that adopting microservices has, there are terms and conditions to know of.

In this post, I will line out the fine print…


F# is a statically-typed, functional-first programming language that runs on the .NET platform. Even though I’m usually writing C# in my day job (and quite a bit of TypeScript), I am massive fan of F# and functional programming in general. I won’t spend any more time introducing F#, as that’s a different post for a different day, but I will say that a good amount of the newer features of C# have been stolen straight from F#. One feature that has yet to be “appropriated” by C# is Units of Measure.

A common problem

Have you ever written code with a specific unit…


Just like death and taxes, code reviews are simply a part of life. We’ve all had them, and some of us have even given them. Why is it then, that many of us are so bad at it?

The purpose of a code review is simple: to ensure that the code being merged into the codebase is up to a certain standard. On paper it sounds easy, but it becomes a lot more complicated when you factor in the interpersonal dynamics at work.

The secret is that code reviews can be done well, and without a great deal of pain…

Carlton Upperdine

Software Engineer working with C# and Azure

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